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Our passion to help others succeed where many fail, has motivated us to identify, develop, and deliver, solutions that help and challenge consumers to overcome any number of credit related challenges.

Through analysis, education, coaching, motivation, and strategy, these solutions go beyond the surface problem and effectively change lives. Some of these underlining contributing issues may be a limited basic understanding of credit, how credit actually impacts our lives, and how easily we fall into unhealthy credit impacting behaviors.

Credilife® promotes the credit healthy behaviors that are required to build a strong credit profile. And since your income plays no part in this, knowledge and self-control, are two of the most important criteria for success. Despite what many believe, how we manage our money is far more important than how much money we make.

In this respect, our passion is better described as a passion in the basic education of consumers over financial matters that impact our lives every day. A process best described as “Credilife™”, a holistic approach to credit improvement that is coupled with personal growth and money management.

Look at grade school and academic teaching. Would you agree that school can be summarized as a focus on core developmental skills such as reading, math, and history, with little relatable connection to why? Then think back to what we learned and what we actually retained, and this goes the same for many of us even in higher education. For most of us, we expected school to help us land a good job, or better yet, a great career - and for what other purpose but to make a living, or more specifically, to make money!

Of course we all need money and in today’s day and age, it certainly isn’t hard to figure out how to spend it. But therein the question lies. It’s not how to earn it or spend it that is the problem, the problem is understanding how to manage it!

Very little of this is tackled in general education, even so far as the basics of budgeting and why having a budget is important.

So here we are, all odds against us, with more than 1 in 4 consumers falling prey to a lifestyle heavily dependent on credit, forcing us to live paycheck to paycheck, as slaves to the banks.

It is important that we recognize the burden bad credit places on our society regardless of how much money we make. Credit has become so very important as a result of our dependence on it, while at the same time, our dependence on credit has provoked many into a cycle of credit and financial related hardships.

The internet is inundated with self-help resources and companies that work with consumers to provide a variety of credit related solutions. Here, we've identified, vetted, and even created specific resources and tools that serve the credit industry in an effort to provide the tools necessary to ensure their success and in turn the success of their clients.

We strive to motivate and coach consumers, and businesses alike, to strive for financial freedom.

We believe that every consumer that believes in bettering themselves through education and persistence, can achieve credit freedom. Freedom from the negative impact on our wellbeing that comes from stress over credit and financial matters that result from not paying attention to how hard we work for our money, and how easily we are willing to let it go.